Over the past two months, Healthy LA has developed and built consensus on over 30 specific policies at the core of our platform to protect tenants, homeowners, workers, small business owners, and immigrants. Together, we have driven the public communications and lobbying efforts that have pushed the LA City Council and County Supervisors to enact over 20 crucial protections. Some of Healthy LA’s legislative victories so far include:

Housing Stability

• Tenant protections — Prohibit landlords from evicting tenants for a range of reasons, including inability to pay, having extra tenants, or keeping pets. (LA City & County)
• Ban rent increases — A freeze on rent increases for the next 12 months in rent-stabilized units. (LA City & County)
• Increase rent repayment period — Ban late fees and interest, and expand the rent repayment period from 6 months to 12 months. (LA City & County)
• Responsible banking ordinance — Ordinance that leverages the power of government as a consumer of financial services to pressure banks to grant mortgage relief to renter relief. (LA City & County)

Worker Protections

• Paid sick leave — Guarantee 14 days of paid sick leave for 440,000 additional Los Angeles workers who were excluded from the federal paid sick leave policy because they are at firms with 500+ employees. (LA City & County)
• Worker protections and retention ordinance — Protect people who have been laid off or furloughed by requiring companies to rehire them based on seniority. Permanent and retroactive worker retention and right of recall policies for hospitality and building services workers. (City & County)

Small Business Protections

• Eviction moratorium and legal grounds for nonpayment of commercial rent and other costs — Issue a declaration establishing that businesses have lost the use of their property and are not functioning as intended, and cannot be evicted. (LA County)
• Extended rent repayment period for small businesses — Rent repayment period extended to 12 months for small businesses, and 6 months for other commercial properties. (LA City)

Unhoused Protections

  • LA County plan for recovery for keeping those who have gotten shelter through Project Roomkey remain housed, as well as developing a detailed plan to provide housing for those who do not have shelter.
  • LA City suspended of enforcement of LAMC 56.11 daytime “tents down” provision as long as tents allow ADA clearance and are 10 ft from operable driveways. Allowing tents to remain up and people to stay in those tents during the duration of this public health crisis allows occupants to isolate themselves as needed for public health and safety.
  • LA City agreed to stop towing of RVs and other vehicles that people are using for shelter. Vehicles that can be used by unhoused folks to provide recommended social distance should not be towed for reasons like debt collection or unpaid registration.
  • LA City ordered a report on which hotels have received City subsidies and have not joined Project Room Key to offer rooms to unhoused people.