Over the past six months, Healthy LA has developed and built consensus on over 30 specific policies at the core of our platform to protect tenants, homeowners, workers, small business owners, and immigrants. Together, we have driven the public communications and lobbying efforts that have pushed the LA City Council and County Supervisors to enact over 20 crucial protections. Some of Healthy LA’s legislative victories so far include:

Housing Stability

  • Secured protections at the local and state level that decreased the eviction filing rate by 89% compared to pre-COVID rates and by over 1000% if compared what could have been filed.
  • Passed City and County emergency tenant protections including protections against non-payment of rent, and protections against no-fault evictions
  • Supported the Right to Counsel Coalition in securing funding for and launching of the Stay Housed LA program for eviction prevention and defense

  • Passed foreclosure prevention and mortgage relief motions and awarded $5.5MM (County)
  • Passed Inclusionary Housing Ordinance for Unincorporated LA County.
  • Initiated Council Discussions for Social Housing in LA City
  • #CancelRent #NoEvictions Renewed our commitment.  Drafting a People’s report to ensure policy advocacy is consistent.

Worker & Undocumented Protections

  • Currently waging campaign for LA County Public Health Councils
  • Supported campaign for recall and retention for airport, property services, event center, and hotel workers.
  • Helped stop LA County from delaying minimum-wage increases.
  • Supported funding for LA Justice Fund
  • Advocated for full funding for day labor centers
  • Paid sick leave — Guarantee 14 days of paid sick leave for 440,000 additional Los Angeles workers who were excluded from the federal paid sick leave policy because they are at firms with 500+ employees. (LA City & County)

Small Business Protections

  • Extension for payments of “back rent” to 12 months in the County for businesses under 10 employees.
  • LA Street Vendor Campaign Wins (Legal Pathway for County Street Vendors + $1 million investment )
  • Deferment of street vending  permit fees until the end of 2020.
    • Lower permit fee remains until July 2021.

Unhoused Protections

  • Temporarily housing over 5k of the most at risk people experiencing homelessness in hotels through Project RoomKey and City of LA report on hotels receiving subsidies that did not offer rooms to unhoused folks
  • The installation of hygiene stations at major encampments 
  • LA City suspension of enforcement of LAMC 56.11 daytime “tents down” provision 
  • LA City agreement to stop towing of RVs and other vehicles that people are using for shelter