Call Congress

Our Representatives in Congress need to hear from us so we can get the rent and mortgage relief we need! Financial Services Chair Maxine Waters and the entire LA County Congressional Delegation has already taken important action to provide necessary relief. At the same time, we know there is much more to do. Fill out the form below to urge Congress to forgive all rent and mortgage payments, incentivize fair rental and lending practices by landlords and lenders, and transform distressed properties into permanently affordable housing for our communities, keeping them out of the hands of speculators.

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Call Script

We need you to call Rep. Maxine Waters, who represents part of LA and has huge power to make these proposals happen as the Chair of the House Financial Services Committee. Her main number is (202) 225-2201 and her district number is (323) 757-8900.

Here’s a script you can use to make your call.

“Hi, my name is __________, a constituent of [your neighborhood] in LA County.

I am calling to urge your office to include rent and mortgage forgiveness in the next federal relief package – along with funds for our community – not speculators – to buy any distressed properties. This is important to me because {say any of the below that apply to you}:

  • I am a renter and I am afraid I will not be able to pay my rent due to… 
  • I am a landlord and/or homeowner and am concerned that I will not be able to pay my mortgage because… 
  • I am a faith leader who is concerned about my congregation and my own church properties…
  • I am a concerned community member and am committed to housing our unhoused neighbors and preventing additional homelessness in Los Angeles.

I hope you will join me!  Thank you for your leadership. We are counting on you!”

Once you call her, please call your own representative with the same script and then let us know how they responded by sending an email to You can find your rep below.

LA County Congressional Representatives

Julia Brownley – (202) 225-5811 Twitter: @JuliaBrownley
Judy Chu – (202) 225-5464 Twitter: @RepJudyChu
Adam Schiff – (202) 225-4176 Twitter: @RepAdamSchiff
Tony Cardenas – (202) 225-6131 Twitter: @RepCardenas
Brad Sherman – (202) 225-5911 Twitter: @BradSherman
Grace Napolitano – (202) 225-5256 Twitter: @GraceNapolitano
Ted Lieu – (202) 225-3976 Twitter: @TedLieu
Jimmy Gomez – (202) 225-6235 Twitter: @RepJimmyGomez
Norma Torres – (202) 225-6161 Twitter: @NormaJTorres
Karen Bass – (202) 225-7084 Twitter: @RepKarenBass
Linda Sanchez – (202) 225-6676 Twitter: @RepLindaSanchez
Gil Cisneros – (202) 225-4111 Twitter: @RepGilCisneros
Lucille Roybal-Allard – (202) 225-1766 Twitter: @RepRoybalAllard
Maxine Waters – (202) 225-2201 or (323) 757-8900 Twitter: @RepMaxineWaters
Nanette Barragan – (202) 225-8220 Twitter: @RepBarragan
Alan Lowenthal – (202) 225-7924 Twitter: @RepLowenthal

Sample Tweets

Angelenos need bold action now. We should forgive rent & mortgage payments during this crisis. No one should be burdened with debt. Black, Native & immigrant ppl are most at risk @RepMaxineWaters @RepKarenBass @RepJudyChu #HealthyLA

LA communities, esp Black/Native/immigrant, can’t afford grab of distressed homes/apartments by corporate real estate speculators like post-2008. We need tools/resources/leverage for community control @RepMaxineWaters @RepKarenBass @RepJudyChu #HealthyLA

What We’re Fighting For

  1. For renters: rent payment suspension for the duration of the crisis, meaning no rent obligation, no late fees, no debts, and no retaliation.
  2. For homeowners and faith institutions: mortgage payment suspension for the duration of the crisis, meaning no mortgage payments, no debts, and no retaliation
  3. For some landlords: direct resources to cover lost revenue, conditioned on a set of critical tenant protections that are mindful of a need for different provisions for good landlords who were renting their homes and apartments well below market-rate prior to COVID-19.
  4. Enforce the suspensions, including civil action against, and steep penalties for, any violators.
  5. Prohibit/strongly discourage flippers, institutional investors, and foreign buyers from engaging in harmful real estate speculation to profit from the crisis and worsen the existing housing affordability and homelessness crisis.
  6. Combat massive acquisition of distressed homes and apartments buildings by corporate real estate speculators, like what occurred after the 2008 crisis: 
    • Create a buyout fund, first right to purchase and federally-backed loan guarantee for mission-driven affordable housing operators to support the purchase of properties by entities that will maintain the homes in the public trust as permanently affordable housing for our communities (nonprofit housing providers, community land trusts, shared ownership cooperatives, etc.).
    • Require federal agencies that back mortgages (Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Federal Housing Administration, VA and USDA) to implement procedures and policies that prioritize Real Estate Owned sales to mission-driven nonprofit entities and modest income buyers that will maintain the properties in the public trust as permanently affordable housing for our communities.
    • Require any other financial institutions that receive federal assistance to abide by these same procedures and policies; and provide Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) credit to banks that do not receive federal assistance but that nevertheless abide by these same procedures and policies.